Trend Trading using support and resistance

My name is Darryl Bywater and my website is all about learning to trade forex using pure trend analysis, support and resistance and price action. I also use my own unusual understanding of order flow and market profile that aids my decision making process.

I use totally naked charts, NO INDICATORS and I show you how to read the charts and understand how the price moves and why it moves like it does across every timeframe from the one minute to the monthly.

Support is just a historical level that the price reaches and fails to go any lower, it can also be called "fair value".

Resistance is the exact same thing in reverse, it is a historical level that the price hits and will not go any higher. Some call support and resistance , supply and demand, whatever you call it I will teach you how to trade it profitably.

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EJ short trades again today

part one

part two below

A very nice support and resistance setup - May 15 2012

Three winning support and resistance trades for the new week - May 14th 2012

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Trading support and resistance profitably - May 11th 2012

Another winning before and after support and resistance trade

Trade update below.

How to trade support and resistance safely - May 11th 2012

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May 7th 2012 - support and resistance trading is best

Back from an impromptu weeks break from teaching but trading an hour or so a day whilst on holiday is no hardship. A home forex traders life take a lot of beating. Stress free trading using support and resistance.

I teach you to trade forex up down and sideways - Weds April 25th 2012

Learn to trade support and resistance like a machine.

Support and resistance trading forex markets

AJ shorts turned into long trade retracements - April 24th 2012

Three cheeky winning support and resistance trades - Monday April 23rd 2012

I teach you how to trade forex using support and resistance using pure naked chart analysis.

The support and resistance trading group doing incredibly well

The method we use gives us multiple high probability trading opportunities in every timeframe every day, however my strict 99% winning setups do mean it can get painfully boring waiting for the best setups. Now though we are learning new nuances to our price action trading system that will allow us to get many more valid, high probability trade setups.

Group members are making more daily forex trades than me now

Plenty of quality support and resistance trades every day

Todays winning support and resistance forex trade - Monday April 16th 2012

Patience and discipline is what seperates the profitable forex traders from the losers. Support and resistance forex trading is as old as the hills, but it works. Keep trading simple.

Three trades three winners for Friday April 13th

Winning trades whilst you sleep - April 12th 2012

M5 support and resistance works like clockwork - Tuesday April 10th 2012

Trading forex profitably is all about self discipline

You HAVE to wait for the trades to come to you.

Simple support and resistance trading forex - April 4th 2012

I love trading trend analysis using support and resistance. The more I teach and trade the better I get. Screentime is essential if you want to become an expert priceaction trader.

support and resistance trading is the doggies whatsits - April 2nd 2012