My Daily Trades - before & after

I will post some of my daily support and resistance trades in this section, I will always try to post a before chart and a after chart.

I take trades every day generally between 6am and 8am, those are my bread and butter trades, a couple of hours a day is all that is required to make a phenominal income from trading forex. However as mentioned before my method is purely mechanical so if the A++ trade setup should arise and I am at my trade station then I will take additional trades.

An average days results is 2 - 3% added to my trading account, although 10% a day isn't unheard of, work that out on a £100,000 account, ok I will do it for you, that's £2000 - £10,000 a day.

I am always happy to answer questions by email, contact me darryl @ dgbwebdesign . com


My support and resistance trading course testimonials.

All of the comments and testimonials are from genuine course students and can be verified if necessary. My group members are very real, I am honoured that they have chosen me to help them become profitable support and resistance forex traders, I am looking forward to a long and very prosperous relationship with them all.

Traders helping traders, together we will spank the brokers.

Live forex trade calls on Video

I NEVER call live trades before the event. I am not a signals service, any trades you take are your own responsibility.

You MUST demo trade for as long as it take you to learn how to take winning trades consistently, practice for years if necessary before considering using real money to trade with.

Support and Resistance Trading

How to trade support and resistance

How Long Will It Take Me to Learn to Trade Forex

Most fulltime profitable forex traders I know took three to five years to learn how to trade successfully. My stuff will deffinately help you speed up that process but always remember, the hardest part of trading is the mind games, the fear and greed psychology.

Learning the nuts and bolts of my method will take 3-12 months, training your brain to trade using absolute discipline can take years. Be prepared for the long haul.

VSA Volume Spread Analysis

Volume Spread Analysis is another aspect of technical trading I studied in detail and decided it was just an additional unnecessary complication and distraction to my forex trading.

I have pared down my forex technical analysis right down to the bone. Volume spread analysis or VSA as it is also known is just too ambiguous for my requirements. There is just no need in my opinion.

Trend Trading System

I have developed my own unique forex trend trading system using support and resistance for entry levels and targets. It is precision forex trading at its best.

My trend trading system is totally unambiguous therefore it makes it extremely reliable and also very easy to teach.

If you want to learn how to trade fores using trend analysis with classic support and resistance then you should contact me. darryl at dgbwebdesign dot com or skype me for a voice chat "traderteacher"

April 8th 2011, todays live before and after trend trade

Winning trades every day using trend analysis and support and resistance

Todays Live Forex Trade - Monday April 4th 2011

Another before and after trend trade video to show a trade setup I have taken on Euro USD.

March 17th 2011 - daily trades

I take between one & five trades every day, I add between 1% and 3% per trade per day to my trading capital.

EUR/USD before

EUR/USD after

GBP/USD before

GBP/USD after