Trend Trading Forex

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Trend trading forex

I am a trend trader, I really do believe that trends are the most powerful trading tool that we have BAR NONE, on EVERY timefrrame.

I don't intend to explain exactly why I believe that trends are best, GO AND WATCH all of my free videos on youtube. "traderteacher"

If you are too lazy to do that then you have no chance of making it as a fulltime professional trader.

Still here? OK, sorry to be blunt but it is the truth.

When you watch my free trend trading videos make sure you notice how almost every trade will have the exact same setup regardless of the timeframe, that is fractals in action. Trends are just basic price patterns, the price patterns always work and they work the same way on every timeframe, TIME is the only difference.

If you let me teach you how to trade trends you will unlock the massive profits and seriously good lifestyle that trading from home will give you.

Speak soon hopefully, skype me, "traderteacher"

How to trade forex using trend analysis

Congratulations, if you have found this page you probably already realise trend trading forex is the absolute best , safest, most reliable, almost predictable way to trade forex profitably and with any measure of certainty.

I am actually convinced without any doubt that for a disciplined student of my trend trading system the elusive 100% win rate could be acheived.

My mentor showed me way back in 2006 that trend trading can be traded with nearly 80% winning trades, that was five years ago, I know he has improved considerably but we have now lost contact. I have spent the last five years studying and improving his forex trend trading method and am now nearing that elusive 100% win rate. My own human shortcomings are the only reason for bad trades.

That is partly why I am teaching this method to a few carefully chosen forex trading students. I need to find other traders that once taught my rules will actually trade it better than I can.

We are all human and we all have our limitations, as forex traders we can all be given potentially profitable methods yet we will all have different results. My unique trend trading method is easily taught, targets and stoplosses are extremely clear, yet give it to 100 traders and they will all get different results. It is because other traders and the massive computers that help drive the markets are designed to scare us out of trades.

That is another reason you need a solid bulletproof trading system like mine to prevent yourself from being frightened out of trades.

I have PROVED to myself and a handful of my students that my forex trend trading system works. If you have the discipline to wait for the PERFECT setups then you WILL get the PERFECT results, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT winning trades.

The first image below shows a blank chart and how to define a proper trend correctly.

how to define a trend correctly

The second image shows the same chart with candlesticks added

how to trade trends

I have added the third chart to show you how we can add moving averages to give us early warning to when a trade setup may be occuring.

learn how to trade forex trends

This trade was taken live, in fact my student / friend spotted it for me.

Below is the live video of that exact trade shown above, I can teach you how to trade trends like this.

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