My Trading Holy Grail

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Trading Holy Grail

THE HOLY GRAIL SETUP First of all The “Holy Grail” trade was originally described in Linda Bradford Raschke's Street Smarts book

I have devised the my own holy grail of forex trading. Human error is the only reason my forex trading holy grail setups fail.

My mentor gave me the basics of a very high probability forex trading system that when he started teaching me back in 2007 was giving him 70% winning trades and just over a year later we had improved that to about 78% winners.

Three years down the line and after thousands more hours of chart study I have devised my own unique support and resistance trading method and I am seeing 90% plus winning trades. I am certain if I had better personal trading discipline I could get even close to the elusive 100% win rate. Yes 100% forex trading winning percentage.

My method is so good and so mechanical that I KNOW if I show a few other more disciplined and skillful traders than myself that they will actually exceed my own results.

support & resistance |  My Trading Holy Grail