May 2011 - Archived support and resistance videos

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Support and resistance trading - May 31st another 25 pips

Tough trading day again today but after a day of sideways movement I finally got out with 25 pips profit and just one winning trade for the whole day.

May 30th - another winning Euro trade

Bank holiday trading is alway unpredictable yet trends and support an resistance trading will always work, just alot slower than normal.

Two winning trades on May bank holiday Monday the first for 10 pips short.

The second trade took almost 24 hours to earn me 13 pips out of a solid 100 pip move. Not the most stress free trade I have ever taken but it was still a winner which is all that counts.

May 27th - Another four winning before and after forex trades

Trading support and resistance levels is without doubt the best and most profitable and consistent way to win at forex currency trading.

Four more winning trades today again.

trade one

trade two

trade three

trade four

130 pips profit today from five winning trades

5 trades 5 winners with a total of over 130 pips today

trade 2 below

trade 3 below

trade 4 below

trade 5 below

May 25th 2011 - another winning trade for 30 pips

May 24th 7 trades 7 winners, what a day

I didn't have time to video all my winning trades today but most of them are shown below.

another before and after trade below

yet another winning trade below

another winning trend trade below, 70 pips winner this time.

40 pips profit from a 67 pip UJ long move - May 23rd 2011

Todays winning support and resistance trades - May 20th

Two winning forex trades - Thurs 19th May 2011

Before and after forex videos

a USDCAD winning trade below

winning currency trades daily - May 18th 2011

Another winning currency trade, this time trading USDJPY.

May 17th winning trend trades

Cable winning trade for 25 pips

and another small USDJPY short trade

Winning Forex Trades every day - May 16th 2011

This was a winning Swissy short trade for 18 pips ( 1% ) profit. I do this two or three times a day most days. I teach you to trade like a machine using trend analysis and support and resistance.

Pure price action trading.

Part two showing second target hit to the precise pip.

May 13th 2011 - Winning forex trades daily - 22 pip winning swissy short

Sorry for the sound quality but this before and after winning forex trade is well worth a watch I feel.

Part two and final analysis, very important viewing IMHO.

Another two winning forex trades - May 11th 2011

40 pips profit shorting Euro

and Cable short for 24 pips profit

Two more daily winning forex trades - May 10th 2011

Another two quick winning forex trades using the 15 minute chart and trading trend analysis with support and resistance.

May 9th winning Aussie dollar trade for today

May 6th 2011 - a stress free 30 pips trend trading Swissy

May 4th 2011, 40 pips shorting NZDUSD

Just two weeks training and my newest student is spotting winning setups for me, 8 trades 8 winners, way to go!!

Lots of work to do still but what a great start.

support & resistance | My Daily Trades - before & after | Daily trade archives |  May 2011 - Archived support and resistance videos