March 2011 - Archived support and resistance videos

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More live Euro trades March 31st 2011

Thursday 31st March 2011 - Euro live trades

Part 1 - Euro summary post yesterdays trades

Part 2 - a cheeky counter trend trade, during the Frankfurt open.

Wednesday March 30th 2011 - live daily forex trades

A collection of live forex trades video'd in six parts

Part 1 - of todays live euro trade

Part 2 - live euro trade update

Part 3 - Live forex trading on youtube

> Part 4 - Live trend trading videos !!<

Part 5 - four trades four winners and nearly 100 pips, trading safe, predictable trends.

Part 6

Monday March 28th 2011 - Todays Live Forex Trade

Todays trade is in three videos, before, after hitting 1st target and then a second trade in part three.

Part 1 - trade setup and entry

Part 2 - profit target hit

Part 3 - a second profitable trade from the same original trend reversal.

Todays Live forex trading video - Friday 25th March 2011

Another Live forex trade - March 24th 2011

Live forex trades - before and after - March 24th 2011

Live forex trade March 23rd 2011

March 22nd summary of todays live trades

March 22nd - new live forex trade update

I always trade what I see, not what I think, I saw bullishness, so I bought long trades.

March 22nd - before and after trade 1

First trade of the day Tuesday, 10 pips profit but it isn't the last, enjoy.

March 21st 2011 - another live video trade before and after for 30 pips

I am getting better at trading and videoing at the same time, I got 30 pips from this trade, I expect it to go all the way to 1.4290 though.

Don't forget this is precision forex trading, easily teachable and very safe and consistent.

March 21st 2011 - three more before and after trades

I took a cheeky short very early this morning at about 4am, then two longs targeting 1.4200. The first long I entered at 1.4170 and it started to run against me a little so all I did was add into the trade for a better price and smaller stop. That is the beauty of this method, once the confirmations happen you have the confidence to hold a little drawdown and even add into trades at a disount. First trades before chart below and after trade below the second trade before chart below after chart below as you can see the trade went against me for 30 pips, I added a long trade at 1.4155 and closed that partial trade at 1.4175 and let the first one run to the original 1.4200 target .

March 21st 2011 - My first forex live trade video

Hi all, well here is my very first attempt at creating and uploading a youtube video, my apologies for my umming and ah-ing. I will get better I promise.

Anyway the trade was a winner again and that is all that counts. Enjoy.

March 18th 2011 - another live before and after trade

before the trade

Every candle on this chart represents 15 minutes, that gives me plenty of time to prepare for my trade and create these snapshots for you. I place the trade then walk away. The method I use incorporates multi timeframe analysis using trends and support and resistance. They are set and forget trades, simple and stress free with practice.

and after the trade

I entered this trade a little early based on the m5. Risky but always remember, SR levels are there to be tested and re-tested, an old h4 or daily level that is significant will almost always draw the price towards it, cheeky but it works.

This is trading trends and mechanical price action / movements, we are not trading hopes and dreams.

Friday March 18th - another nice setup


and after

it was this nice trend setup on usd/sek that made me think EU would still be a long trade this morning.

Look at EU now, chart below.

March 18th, Fridays trade for 18 pips.


and after

March 17th to 18th overnight trade for 60 pips profit

EUR/USD before

and after another 2.8% added to my account

this is a good end to the week, if I cannot see any good setups I may take Friday off.

March 17th 2011 - todays daily trades

EUR/USD before EUR/USD after GBP/USD before GBP/USD after

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