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June 30th winning currency trades daily

An overnight Cable trade for 22 pips profit.

June 29th two more winning trend trades

June 28th another batch of winning forex trades

winning trade two for the day

another winning trade

June 27th 2011 - winning forex trades every day

a short before video explaining why I traded AU short today

after video showing target hit

Winning trade two below

another 3 winning trades

June 24th 5 months from novice to Pro trader

One of my students is trading real money and making over 300 pips per week. What an inspiration.

<iframe width="490" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/MLYbC5oa9TY?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

June 24th 3 more winning trades to end the week

Dollar sek trade using m5 trend for 24 pips profit

Aussie dollar short for 15 pips

another dollar sek trade

9 winning forex trades over 100 pips profit June 23rd

Trend trading support and resistance means you can find trades on all timeframes on any instrument and at any time of the day or night. How cool is that?

Trade 1

Trade 2

Trade 3

Trade 4

Trade 5

Trade 6

9th winning trade for the day

June 22nd winning before and after trades

I make winning trades every day like this, I like to make 2 or 3 percent a day with 2 or 3 trades a day. One winner is enough to make a fortune in this busines, any extra are just a bonus.

Imagine where we will be in 5 years time. Practice makes perfect.

June 21st Tuesdays winning trade

June 20th three trades three winners

Another 4% added to my trading account today. Keep it simple. Trade using trend with support and resistance.

Euro winning trades for Monday June 20th 2011

1st winning trade below

2nd cheeky trade below

June 17th todays UJ short trades


another two winning trades

June 16th winning swissy short trade

June 15th - another day another dollar...

Swissy longs for me all day today

June 14ths trades - trade like a machine

Three trades three winners so far today - 58 pips so far

Trade 1 below

Trade 2 below

Trade 3 I messed up the video it was a long on NZDUSD that one of my students spotted for me.

Trade 4 uploading to youtube, another long on EU.

June 13th 2011 - Todays winning forex trades

1st winning trade of the day for 20 pips below

2nd trade of the day for another 18 pips profit.

3rd trade 3rd winner so far today

4th winner from the Euro retracement today

June 9th - 22 pips winner shorting Cable Thursday evening

Trading pure price action with trend analysis and support and resistance allows us to trade at any time of the day and on any timeframe. A valid setup is always a valid setup.

June 8th 2011 - Two more winning forex trades

24 pips profit below

June 7th winning cable trade for 18 pips

another EU long for 18 pips profit

Third winning trade for the day - another 25 pips profit

June 6th another 20 pip winning trade shorting EJ

June 3rd 2011 - Four trades four winners and over 110 pips profit

30 pip winning trade shorting USD/CHF

35 pip winner long on Aussie dollar

Another 30 pips from a long on aud again

Fourth and final winning trade for 16 pips long on Euro, total 110 for the afternoon.

Three trades three winners - 55 SAFE pips profit again

The big money made it's move again today so we are back into our stride again.

Two EJ long trades and and EU long videoed below.

Notice how the EU trade went down to where I said it would and then they reversed it long for the day.

EJ trade below. for 24 pips

another cheeky EJ long using the m5 chart

June 1st 2011 - Love your losing trades

If you are too scared to trade you will never be able to trade profitably, remember, you have to be in a trade to win a trade. That does not mean you can trade recklessly, you must always make a plan and trade the plan BUT always accept you must have the occasional losing trade.

Losing trades are just a business overhead for professional forex traders, just make sure you always place stops, never move them take the losing trades on the chin.

Winning trade two for the day another 28 pips profit

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