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Group progress report - May 10th 2012

Please scroll down the page for my genuine group member testimonials, all can be verified if necessary.

As mentioned in my previous note I don't hound my members for testimonials, however I am considering asking a few of the newer members if they would mind putting pen to paper about their progress so far, watch this space.

As far as I am concerned I get the feeling things are going very well indeed. Some of the longer term and more experienced traders in the group tell me they are trading live funds now (about 1/3 of the group), another 1/3 of the group are fully conversant with my method and are now just working on their own patience and discipline, the rest of the group and the newer members are still getting upto speed with the rules.

I am quite certain that everyone in the group quickly realise the robustness, accuracy and consistency of my method and then understand that it will just take them lots of practice and screentime to make the method work for themselves just as it does for myself and the more experienced members of the group.

Forex Trading Group Update - March 17th 2012

The recent testimonials have dried up somewhat because I don't believe in harassing my group members to say nice things about me LOL, however as with the more recent additions to this page an honest update doesn't hurt.

I had a very recent "smile" moment during a lesson this week. I call it "smile" moment because that is literally what it is to me, it is the moment one of my group explain a trade they have taken using the EXACT same analysis I would have used myself. Proof enough to me that they are getting my method. I just sit listening to them grinning to myself like the proverbial , "cheshire cat".

The fact is that I have built my method through upwards of 20,000 hours chart-study and back-testing, I can teach you the method because it is bullet proof and unambiguous, unfortunately I CANNOT teach you the discipline required to follow my rules to the letter.

It takes me between 10 and 30 hours to explain my rules clearly then the real hard work for you begins, you need to train yourself to believe the method by following the rules and making yourself profitable. My job is to keep you motivated and make sure any mistakes you make are rectified. It can get tough for both of us but no-one ever said making a living trading forex should be easy.

My method works. Many of my group are now trading profitably with live funds even after less than a year with me, many of the remainder are demo trading my method profitably as well (they are the ones working on discipline and confidence issues). In time they will move from demo to live, it may take months or years, who knows, the point is they are trading strict rules, hard stops, fixed targets, set and forget trading. They WILL become profitable in their own time.

Mentoree progress report Jan 27th 2012

I am receiving texts and emails almost every trading day now about winning trades that my group are making, many of the trades are the exact same setups being taken totally independent of each other, that's how mechanical my method is.

As always I get a real buzz from hearing about the winning trades.

Those that are still not trading live are encouraged to trade every setup they see on demo so that we can unravel any failures and work out exactly why they failed, proper setups should NEVER fail, we learn the most from the failed trades not the winners..

Dec 25th 2011 - One of my students is starting to trade as a private fund manager already

Hey darryl

Just writting to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year hope you have a great time and relax a little from the markets if you can stay away haha!
Also want to say thanks for all the effort you put into teaching me it has helped so much you wouldnt believe. I'm still just using the daily levels and trading between them using PA on H4 and H1 it couldnt be more simple
also using market makers tricks as great entrys now.

Next year will hopefully be an even better year for me as my half brother is coming over to england in may to discuss me trading funds for him he has already said yes its just a case of how much and % ect. Going to be lots of added pressure for me
to start with but I'll just have to deal with it if i'm ever going to get to those millions. And without you I don't think I would be any where near trading funds for people right now so thank you.

Again have a great Christmas and speak soon.


Dec 22nd 2011

Another email from one of my group who has recently switched from demo trading to live trading.

"Managed to add 5.3% to my account so far today before shopping. Just got back.

My my the buggers are out in force today taking prisoners.

Give you a Skype later this week


A recent Skype message Dec 21st 2011

[21/12/2011 11:22:46] G: Hi Mate that was a bloody excellent session today very clear and concise. I always pick up something new each time. Are we having another one tomorrow or breaking for xmas, I missed that bit I think

[21/12/2011 11:25:12] traderteacher: Cheers G, no grp but we can have a chat / session if ur about tommoz

[21/12/2011 11:25:34] traderteacher: u know how i like to talk charts

[21/12/2011 11:25:40] traderteacher: :D

[21/12/2011 11:26:37] traderteacher: appreciate ur help again mate, I am certain it helps the others a great deal to hear trades form u as opposed to just from me

[21/12/2011 11:30:51] G: its a pleasure being able to help, I am sure i will talk to you before xmas but if for some reason i cant, thanks very very much for all your help, your mentorship has been all I had hoped for and even much much more. Have a fantastic xmas, even with the painting and it is a pity you werent able to get out here for a real summer. Best wishes to you and your family

Dec 9th 2011 - Another nice skype message

[14:09:53] G : Hi mate, just couldnt resist one last trade on NZ/usd. You will love this one. Whilst waiting for a 15 min setup down I noticed there was a nice trend on 5 min, so waited for a deep pullback to 2 and hit it. From here rode it down to critical level and held it as it had already retraced. After the reversal it just blasted down to the next level where I closed. Perfect, trends work every time, have you ever mentioned that LOLOL. Three winners in the morning so I treated myself to a break, then that last nzd trade this evening.
[17:00:41] Dazzerb: haha mate
[17:01:00] Dazzerb: well done, aussie was a thing of beauty today too
[17:01:17] Dazzerb: u gotta love this stuff

ameneded slightly to hide critical details of my trading method.

Dec 1st - Another skype message from one of my group - verifiable if necessary

"hi mate, great retracement trades this morning on a/u a/j and e/a, beautiful targets and fantastic trends. I understand you now. Umderstanding the method is knowing why trades fail. You're the bloody genius coming up with this. Theres only 2 types of trades, inside the trend and outside the trend. Ouside you are swimming more with the sharks and you have to make sure you have the analysis right. Simple but complex ha ha ha ha"

I love to get messages like this, it is very important to me that my guys become profitable forex traders as quickly as possible

New Testimonial Nov 14th 2011

I get multiple messages from my group like this on skype every day now, it really makes me happy to see.

"[07:53:59] G: Hi Mate hope you had a good weekend
[08:02:36] G: I think i am done for the day, little a/u this morning and e/u just now. Nice 1 hr pullback to level 2 straight into SR. Made 35 pips from EU trade alone.
[08:12:38] G: closed it at 1.3730 (y)
[08:55:04] Dazzerb: haha perfect mate I was in the au short"

We all trade independently but we can all get the exact same trades, my method is as mechanical and unambiguous as you can get.

New testimonial - Oct 13th 2011

"It is just over two weeks since I started my mentorship with Darryl and after having just completed my sixth lesson I can say without doubt that his methods do work and that it is definitely the way forward for anyone serious about trading Forex.

Darryl is a very patient mentor and will go over his methods as many times as required for you to understand them. His teaching has changed the way I now look at the markets and definitely for the better.

During my latest session there was an obvious bull flag which had failed, but by using Darryls methods you would have been on the right side of that trade, just like the big boys probably were!

One of the hardest parts is to clear your mind of all the useless techniques and strategies that most of us have picked up over the years, as most of them aren't relevant anymore.

The rules that he teaches you can be applied to any timeframe, so it is up to the individual as to which timeframe that they are comfortable with, and hence how often they trade.

I have found Darryl to be 100% genuine and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services"


October 2011 - forex Mentorees winning multiple trades daily

Edited slightly to remove info unique to my method

[10/10/2011 11:38:04] G: Hi Mate, I am having a great day. 3 good trades today so far, wasn't on screen all the time.

When I get a good setup, I just look to see if I have a nice gap to aim for and then enter if it all looks good.

It works pretty damn good LOL. G

[10/10/2011 11:39:03] Dazzerb: hi G, thats it mate, perfect

Another complimentry email from David - Sept 23rd 2011

All of my testimonials can be verified if necessary :-

Darryl I don't normally trade late Friday.

With my compliments, high risk but small stop, trading.
The entry either works or it doesn't so don't mess with stops & don't be greedy if the subsequent action doesn't look like it will trend. Tonight was exceptional as were the rewards.
Please pass on to anyone in the group who can grasp the nature of these trades.
Great finish to the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sept 23rd from David again

Just off out. I've had a brilliant morning on the eu.

I'm running a hybrid system in addition to your system. Darryl if I hadn't gone down your road & spent so much time on the charts looking at every single facet & asking why for every single move then I wouldn't have cracked it.
Funny how things end up!!

Keep in touch,


Sept 21st 2011

This is a reply to me emailing a client to chase him for more one to one tuition with me.

No rush @ all now as I've got this licked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have spent hours & hours until I could see your setups on the lower tf charts. Pass that on to the rest of the group for info.
Interestingly the other methods I used have now taken on a totally different meaning so I'm running them alongside to great benefit.

Now, just have got to let the trade run & don't get thrown by the pb's. That's my psychological barrier that I've got to break & that's down to me.
Looks like mayhem today although had my pips before I took a break. Looks like a nice continuation/pb on the cad this am which I'd missed .Just working my way through the charts. Christ!!!


Sept 19th skype chat with Graeme

[19/09/2011 08:16:51] G: Hi ya Darryl, hope your weekend was good. Well I had lots of lightbulbs coming on this weekend. I thought you might have been the catalyst to bring it all together for me and it looks like that is what is happening so thanks a lot for that. I spent a lot of time on the simulator to finally see what was going on. Anyway to prove the point I have had around 6 trades already today on 5 min chart with no losses. Targets are only around 10 pips due to the TF but principle seems rock solid. Anyway just a quick update for you, and I will probably go for this week myself just to ensure I am happy with my progress and contact you towards the end or early next week to review my progress. Oops another good one on the G/U as we speak. Ok mate thanks again and look forward to talking soon

[19/09/2011 12:09:16] Dazzerb: great to hear G, Speak soon

August 29th 2011

A recent testimonial

"For those of you serious about a career in forex and considering taking on a mentor, I would recommend that you view a mentorship program as a business expense and investment. Speaking for myself, Darryl has helped me tie all the loose ends together into a logical and straight forward strategy. Simple yet complex at the same time, Darryl’s method merely follows the trend as price moves back and forth from support to resistance and vice versa. He has formulated a mechanical method of entering a trade and even more importantly for me, has a highly accurate mechanical means of calculating a price target to exit the trade. The means by which these entries and targets are located, along with Darryl’s take on support and resistance, and the role it plays, have been the biggest “a ha” moments for me.

I am also now beginning to see why price moves and reacts as it does. This alone has done a great deal to increase my confidence

Darryl’s tutoring is given one to one, in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. He is readily available and contactable for any questions and very motivated to ensure that we succeed. As such I would heartily vouch for his services"

Best Regards


New testimonial - Aug 30th 2011


It's difficult for me to put into words the impact you have had not only on my immediate trading, but more importantly my future personal and professional life for many years to come. I spent 6 years after business school working for one of the top sterling market makers in the world, yet in the year or so I have known you since I went private a while back I have learned directly from you what it would have taken me more than a life time (40 year career?) to learn on the trading floor, of that I have absolutely no doubt.

Looking back on our student teacher relationship, I cannot give you enough praise and genuine thanks for the patient and supportive approach you have given me. You have actually been more of a good friend to me than a teacher. At times I just didn't get the market structure and I struggled for a long time as you know, but you persevered with me for months and now the result speak for themselves - consistent daily profits, winning trade after winning trade after winning trade - all from completely naked charts - AMAZING. The hard work you put in side by side with me every day in our many relaxed 1-2-1 sessions has paid huge dividends and for that I will be forever grateful.

More than at any time in my trading career I actually truly understand "market structure" and why the market moves in the way it does and how to take full advantage of that every single day in a relaxed manner, be it trend or contra trend. No more hit and hope with good risk management, but true market definition. It's been a long journey but I think it shows that a lot of hard work and a good mentor who genuinely wants his students to succeed really can change the course of one's life for years to come. I certainly will be grateful for you for many years for the impact you have had on my trading.

If any of your potential clients want to talk to me as a reference I am more than happy to share my experience with them any time.

thanks "bud"!, james

More recent comments - August 27th 2011

I have added a few random comments recieved by email from recent trader mentoree's---

"Boy oh boy have you turned my normal thinking on it's head.
Your take on s& r & turning points puts a completely different slant onto how I understood charts & can give the totally opposite trend direction to how I understood direction. YOUR DIRECTION IS RIGHT & MINE WAS ALL WRONG!
In a nutshell what is considered the risky contra trend trade is in fact the with trend trade & vice versa
Look @ the two trades highlighted. The with trend trade is in fact a risky pb trade & what I cosidered a risky contra trend trade, is in fact the highest probability trade.
It hit me like a bolt out of the blue this am.
This needs further work. The same concept will apply equally on the higher tf's. My head is reeling this morning . It's so bloody obvious if you understand your concepts
So. me old mate, another string to your method bow.

I look forward to talking this thro @ some point. In the meantime I'll beaver away @ other examples.



Another winning EJ trade , I can't believe this is happening. with the Arsenal winning last night am I in dream land?



A trade but you would have needed to be there as it was literally to the minute.
However the purpose of this chart is to show the power of your stuff even @ M1 & its influence on my own understanding of PA.

Setups everywhere. This one worked & would have gone down as "well, that one worked"
Once you apply your principles it is easy to see why it worked. It was a test & rejection of true support.Obvious when you know what to look for.
The corollary of this has to be that when it fails it wasn't a test of true s & r

Gone to a new level today


Forex trader testimonials - Aug 27th

I have asked a few of my more recent students to write a few words summing up what they think of my course and my abilities as a teacher, I will post them on this page in due course, meanwhile I will write some of the verbal comments I get during my live one to one teaching sessions.

" mate you are a genius, how ever did you work this stuff out"

" you are a great teacher and one of the most patient people I have ever met, thanks for all your help."

" what you have here is amazing, I would never have worked this out in a million years"

" I watch your stuff working on m5 and m1 charts, "IT WORKS!!" it is crazy to see it working live in front of my eyes."

Forex Mentors testimonials

Below is a completely unprompted and unedited copy and paste from a recent trading session with one of my forex students. Totally verifiable if necessary.

I will be adding more as time goes by.

[09:05:04] Luke: I was tempted to put another position on when we pulled right back up but didnt want to get to cocky lol I know I say it all the time but you teaching me this is the best thing to happen to my life I think lol
[09:05:50] Dazzerb: haha yes i know what u mean about cocky, they are so tempting those pbs
[09:05:59] Dazzerb: i have done a few myself
[09:06:22] Dazzerb: i guess in time we will just treat them as extra discounted trades
[09:06:54] Dazzerb: the big boys trying to scare us out actually giving us fantastic entries lol
[09:07:24] Dazzerb: but that is how i understand orderflow
[09:07:45] Dazzerb: they are selling / buying against themselves to add into posistions
[09:07:51] Dazzerb: at a better price
[09:09:30] Dazzerb: does that make sense?
[09:10:44] Luke: haha it amazing. I am a bit more excited about this trade than usual as I usualy dint trade fridays as I am to scared to loss profits from the week but I made myself do this one. and yes makes perfect sense I love actaully understanding whats going on on the chart.
[09:12:04] Dazzerb: same here after a good week
[09:12:42] Dazzerb: it is just about practice now i guess
[09:12:52] Dazzerb: trends are what we trade and they never lie
[09:15:04] Luke: yes deffo nothing like it
[09:15:52] Dazzerb: tbh mate i think you have better discipline than me, you will do incredibly well
[09:16:43] Dazzerb: i wish i started this at your age omg you have a great future
[09:19:06 | Edited 09:19:57] Luke: yes i am really lucky to have got into it so young but also even luckier finding a great mentor to teach me this i think you can get lost easy in fx without a mentor keeping you on track.
[09:20:51 | Edited 09:22:55] Dazzerb: yes agreed, so easy to get sidetracked
[09:21:14] Dazzerb: kudos to u mate seeing this stuff was worthwhile
[09:21:28] Dazzerb: haha i was laughing to myself just now..
[09:21:43] Dazzerb: how crazy the world is in turmoil..
[09:21:53] Dazzerb: libya and japan, oil etc
[09:22:05] Dazzerb: we couldnt give a toss
[09:22:20] Dazzerb: now that IS COOL
[09:22:28] Dazzerb: ((rofl))
[09:23:39] Luke: hahaha after our fundi chat i was thinking the same.
[09:24:01] Dazzerb: hehe, just no need mate

Another Testimonial

A copy and paste from another recent students live chat, again it is verifiable.

[09/03/2011 10:33:27] james: we re on teh same page its obvious
[09/03/2011 10:33:34] james: i just need some private screentime
[09/03/2011 10:33:40] james: so i am making a mint for a laugh
[09/03/2011 10:33:44] james: close.....
[09/03/2011 10:33:59] james: makign pips regularly here 5 days a week
[09/03/2011 10:34:03] james: but its only beeen 2 months
[09/03/2011 10:34:23] Dazzerb: brilliant mate
[09/03/2011 10:34:44] Dazzerb: ok, happy trading and keep in touch
[09/03/2011 10:34:53] james: ta will do
[09/03/2011 10:35:03] james: feel free to add me to the group
[09/03/2011 10:35:07] james: but AFTER they have had 10k hours
[09/03/2011 10:35:11] james: lol
[09/03/2011 10:36:03] Dazzerb: ok
[09/03/2011 10:36:16] james: mate i owe u everythign will never forget
[09/03/2011 10:36:21] james: will be in touch regularly for sure
[09/03/2011 10:36:27] james: ta happy teching
[09/03/2011 10:37:14] Dazzerb: ((y))

And another positive testimonial

[16/05/2011 16:38:39] Markus: hi darryl, how r u? i just want to tell you that my demo trades look very very good. five trades today and five winners. at the end i think order flow with trend and hh/hl in mix with a subconscious understand of the markets are key. thanks again for the two hours of teaching! i will give you more updates when real money comes into play ;)

Lukes progress update

[27/06/2011 17:15:21] Luke: hi darryl yeah they were nice ones on euro todya I missed the 1st entry but got the 2nd entry
[27/06/2011 17:16:26] Dazzerb: haha i am loving them
[27/06/2011 17:16:47] Dazzerb: great work mate
[27/06/2011 17:20:00] Dazzerb: my trade today was eg long
[27/06/2011 17:20:08] Dazzerb: h1 then h4 entries too
[27/06/2011 17:20:37] Dazzerb: had 3 other little trades but that was the beauty
[27/06/2011 17:25:03] Luke: haha nice day for you then I like them more every week
[27/06/2011 17:26:15] Dazzerb: hehe yes
[27/06/2011 17:26:28] Dazzerb: are u not making any losers now luke
[27/06/2011 17:26:41] Dazzerb: seems like u are v disciplined
[27/06/2011 17:30:52] Luke: not really no and when I do its only greed that made it a loser ive had nine 75 to about 250pips winners in row and yeah am trying to be as disciplined as poss back to just EU again I prefer doing 3-4 big trades a week on one pair any more pairs makes things so stressfull for me. and with 3-4 a week I am getting about 4-6% a week whic I am loving
[27/06/2011 17:31:28] Dazzerb: haha great luke
[27/06/2011 17:39:43] Dazzerb: brilliant work mate, gotta run, have a great eve

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